Envitect also manufacture FR grade ACP to make you worry free against fire. Envitect FR grade ACP Sheet comes with a mineral core which decrease the intensity and spread of fire with low smoke emission and a non- toxic smoke helps safer escape routes for people so life loss or injuries can be prevented. FR grade ACP also minimize loss of property in fire accidents. FR grade ACP Sheet will not blur vision, not melt into flaming droplets and not release excessive heat in case of fire accidents.

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Grade Total Thickness Front Coil Thickness LDPE Core Thickness Back Coil Thickness Coating Application Area
4 MM Diamond 4 MM 0.5 MM 3 MM 0.5 MM PVDF Exterior
4 MM Pearl 4 MM 0.25 MM 3.5 MM 0.25 MM PVDF Exterior
3 MM Platinum 3 MM 0.25 MM 2.5 MM 0.25 MM PVDF Exterior
3 MM Gold 3 MM 0.15 MM 2.7 MM 0.15 MM PE Interior