FR Grade ACP Sheets

FR Grade ACP Sheets

FR Grade ACP Sheets manufacturer

Envitect also manufacture FR grade ACP to make you worry free against fire. Envitect FR grade ACP Sheets comes with a mineral core which decrease the intensity and spread of fire with low smoke emission and a non- toxic smoke helps safer escape routes for people so life loss or injuries can be prevented. FR grade ACP also minimize loss of property in fire accidents. FR grade ACP Sheets will not blur vision, not melt into flaming droplets and not release excessive heat in case of fire accidents.


  • Flaming droplets cause fire to spread both upward and below.
  • Fire exits through glass and enters again.
  • As toxic smoke accumulates, it causes further casualties and impedes the orderly evacuation procedure.


  • Fire limits how far it may spread upward. Non-combustible retardant cladding
  • No drops fall, preventing the flames from spreading further.
  • Not a single harmful smoke
  • An improved evacuation that saves more lives and property



By providing a 7–15 year assurance, we strengthen your trust and confidence in Envitect's FR grade ACP.

Certified and Tested

Envitect FR ACPs have undergone numerous tests by reputable labs such as Exova, Thomas Bell Wright, ARAI, CPRI, and Shriram. They are made to surpass expectations.

Three-hour fire rating

According to the Standard Hose Stream Test of Building Construction and Materials and the ASTM E 119 Fire test, Envitect FR Plus has a 3-hour fire rating. The reputable Thomas Bell Wright Laboratory in Dubai is where this was tested.

Permanent Finish

The long-lasting beauty of Envitect FR ACPs can now be revealed. The PVDF/FEVE coating gives the panel's top skin a beautiful sheen and gives it a bright, colorful appearance. It also gives them excellent gloss retention, shields them from fading, and makes them resistant to UV light.

Agreement with Fire Safety Standards

Envitect Flame-retardant panels are made in accordance with strict fire safety guidelines. Selecting these panels can be essential in settings like high-rise buildings, commercial spaces, or public facilities where fire safety is a top priority.

Building Codes and Regulations

Building codes and regulations may exist in various nations and regions, requiring specific fire safety standards for building materials. Selecting Envitect flame-retardant ACP panels that adhere to these guidelines is crucial in order to fulfill legal obligations.

User Safety

Envitect Flame-retardant ACP panels help to make a building's occupants safer overall. These panels are made to withstand ignition and slow the spread of flames in the event of a fire, giving firefighters and evacuation teams more time to work.

The design Attractiveness

Envitect ACP panels are frequently selected for their visual appeal in addition to safety considerations. Because the Envitect FR ACP panel retains its flame-retardant qualities while providing a variety of design options and finishes, it might be a desirable option in terms of both safety and aesthetics.

Extra strength

Smoke and flames present a major barrier that makes exit challenging during a fire. By reducing the intensity and spread of the fire, Envitect Fireproof Panels contribute to safer evacuation procedures. It also keeps the outer shell from collapsing, which minimizes or eliminates property damage.

FR Grade ACP Sheets Price

Envitect, which was founded in 2017–18, has a network of ACP panel supply, marketing, and manufacturing facilities spread out throughout India. Our infrastructure, which has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of India’s top producers of ACP sheets, is our greatest asset. With plans to expand into other parts of India, we are currently operating in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.
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