Mesmerizing Applications of Envitect’s Wooden ACP Sheets

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It gives our heart out to see and hear the news about trees being cut down to use as décor material. Envitect is always at the forefront of protecting the environment to keep the equilibrium of our biosphere from disrupting.

But what if you love wooden-finished décor? Worry not, as we have introduced sustainable products such as Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) with a replica of wooden finish but made from two thin Aluminium sheets and Polyethylene at the core. Sounds interesting. Right?

Envitect offers a spectrum of wooden finish ACP sheets with the same grain patterns, textures, and surface finish. Our wide range of Wooden finishes includes Country Oak, Brazilian Walnut, Vintage Chestnut, Norway Spruce, Black Ebony Wood, Pewter Knotty Wood, African Ipe, Florence Maple, Pewter Pine, and Carmelo Mist.

Here are the mesmerizing applications of Envitect’s Wooden ACP panels:

Modern Interior Décor

Modern interior applications such as kitchen cabinets, floorings, false ceiling, bathroom interiors, furniture, etc. add a touch of warmth to your environment. Moreover, our artistic panel will complement your abode even when you want it to be traditional and minimalistic.

Such application of Envitect wooden ACP panels delivers high functional value compared to conventional wooden material. Further, the characteristics such as water-resistant, moisture-resistant, weather-resistant, and anti-termite make ACP panels more favorable than plain wooden material for interior décor.

Enhanced Corporate Offices

The corporate and business world is where we all want to look more elegant and use more vibrant colors for enhanced aesthetic value. Wooden ACP panels are mostly used in corporate buildings such as banks, retail outlets, shopping malls, and theaters. Also, they are well suited for wellness and education centers.

What makes Envitect’s wooden finish ACPs great is they never face color fading issues as Envitect pledges and offer surety of the colors used. They have extremely flat surfaces, have weatherproof features, and are acid and alkali resistance that protect them from normal wear and tear.

Wall and Roof Cladding

All ACP sheets from Envitect have durability and long-lasting characteristics, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor surface cladding as well as for roof paneling. Envitect wooden finish ACP sheets are great for adding character and grandeur to your premises and best suited for people who love wood-finished textures.

Our wooden ACP sheets won’t only cover up your interior and exterior walls but also make them more modern and upstyled, which mesmerize the viewers. Further, they have sound and heat insulation properties, which helps reduce temperature and noises from outside significantly.

Summing Up

As the ACP panels are growing in popularity day by day, construction specialists, architects, and builders are becoming aware of the fact how versatile and robust ACP sheets are. Wooden ACP sheets have opened new doors for industry specialists to elevate the aesthetics of the application area with wooden finish ACP panels.

Envitect is the leading Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India with a motto to protect the environment by offering a sustainable alternative for wooden material. We offer a wide variety of wooden finish ACP panels with a vibrant color range that mesmerizes the viewers.

Have any queries? Contact or enquire about our range of wooden ACP panels and place your order with us to get quality ACP panels on time.

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