Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Your ACP Panels


It’s hard to imagine Urban cityspaces without high rise buildings that have modern architecture and high-tech facilities. And there’s this revolutionary material, Aluminium Composite Panels, that make these buildings look more exquisite. ACP panels are used for cladding exterior surfaces of high rise buildings and help beautify them.

Façade installation is one of the most common applications where ACP sheets shine. As the building exteriors are constantly exposed to pollutants, rainwater, dust, and many other environmental factors, the appearance of the ACP panels can degrade with time. To keep ACP panels shining, it’s important to clean them once in a while. Here’s are some things to keep in mind while cleaning your ACP panels.

Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning ACP Sheets

Envitect ACP sheets are low maintenance and can easily be brought back to their radiant selves with regular cleaning. And our experts are glad to help you to provide the best tips to properly clean and maintain your ACPs.

1. Be Gentle While Cleaning

Envitect uses international standard paints and Aluminium material which aren’t that easy to scratch and leave marks on. However, we don’t recommend using harsh cleaning agents and solvents.
Just use water or detergent and wipe the dirt out with a sponge or cloth. Be gentle while doing so as we aim to remove dirt and other pollutants. Visit the cleaning method page to have more information about ACP sheet cleaning.

2. Timing is Important

Timing for cleaning ACP sheets is as important as the cleaning process itself. This is because panels contain Aluminium which is subject to expansion and contraction just like other metals during high-low temperature times. So, select the time of the day wisely for cleaning your ACP panels. Morning and evening are the ideal times for cleaning when it’s not too hot or cold.
Also, avoid cleaning during the peak of the summer or winter. This will allow you to cover the maximum area for cleaning.

3. Cleaning Soil, Dirt & Grit

If a building is situated near a place that is prone to soil, dirt, and grit which is often the case with most industrial buildings, one needs to be careful while cleaning. Adopt a suitable cleaning method like forceful rinsing ACP sheets from top to bottom that does not create scratches.

With a moderate level of pressure, clean ACPs using water first. If the dirt still sticks around, you can use a mild detergent for cleaning. Use detergent if the surface of ACP panels is blackened.

4. Cleaning Pollutants

Pollutants take away the shininess and color from your Aluminium Composite Panels. To keep the shininess and deal with the pollutants, one must use a cleaning agent like isopropyl or detergent. Start with the detergent if not cleaned properly, then use the isopropyl. Clean the sheets from top to bottom and ensure that there are no drips or splashes of the solvent on the surface.

5. Selecting the Cleaning Agent

Selecting the right kind of cleaning agent is important as the wrong ones will do more harm than any good. For instance, choose a cleaning agent that maintains the PH level of water around 8. To make sure that the cleaning agent is safe for use, apply it over a small patch of the sheet and leave it for 1 min.

Check back after a minute or so to find out if it has damaged the ACP sheets or not. Once it’s certified that the cleaning agent is safe, you can proceed with the cleaning process. Maintain the water and cleaning agent ratio at a maximum of 95:5 percent for optimum cleaning.

6. Some dos and don’t

Avoid using abrasive material that can create scratches on the surface.

Make sure that rags or sponges used for cleaning are free from any dirt or grit.

As ACP sheets are color coated, avoid using MKF based cleaning agents, potassium hydroxide, acid, caustic soda, etc.


ACP sheets are coated with colors that can come off if harsh surface cleaners are used. Stick to the things described in this article for optimum cleaning of your Aluminium Composite Panels.

As a top ACP panel manufacturer in India, Envitect offers a wide range of ACP sheets that are easy to clean and maintain. Contact us or enquire about our ACP product for more information.

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