ACP Facade Cladding For Better Ventilation And Structure Strength

ACP Facade Cladding For Better Ventilation And Structure Strength

As we all know why ACP sheets are the best decorative cladding material. They are cost-effective, come in a variety of colors and textures, and offer numerous features and advantages to boost visual appeal. Aluminium Composite Panels also offer a plethora of properties such as weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, water and moisture-resistant, heat and sound insulation, etc.

All these make the ACP panels better suited for façade cladding as their color, size, and shape remain intact even when exposed to harsh sunlight and weather changes. But there’s still more to it. ACP panels aid in the ventilation and structural strength of a building. Wondering how? Let’s get to it, but first, let’s understand what the ventilated facades are.

What Are The Ventilated Facades?

Ventilated facades are where a small gap is left between insulation and cladding. The gap allows the air to pass through from the top and the bottom of the façade cladding, which creates natural ventilation for the building. Also, the gap is necessary in the façade to provide thermal and acoustic insulation to the structure.

Importance Of ACP Cladding In Facades With Ventilation

The introduction of Aluminium Composite Panels as a cladding material has opened up new doors for façade consultants to rejuvenate the building façade cladding. In addition to being budget and eco-friendly, ACP panels offer a great deal of aesthetics too.

For any building, especially the commercial ones, a façade is the most essential aspect to uplift your building’s elegance. However, ventilation is also an important aspect for consultants to consider while designing the building facades using ACP panels.

ACP sheets not only elevate a building’s architectural facet but also are a cost-effective and much better alternative than paint. This is because the painting would require constant maintenance and recoat after every few years. Compared to them, ACP panels seem a winner as they do not require such high maintenance or re-installation in the future.

ACP Cladding For Higher Structural Strength

ACP sheets from the finest ACP panel manufacturer offer protection from extreme weather such as monsoon. This prevents ACP panels from absorbing moisture or water and increases the overall structural strength of the building. Along with the structural strength, the mechanical strength of the building is increased significantly as ACP panels keep bacteria growth and pollutants out of the buildings.

Using the best quality ACP products from renowned ACP panel manufacturers offer your building not only better ventilation but also improves structural strength. This is combined with heat and sound insulation, which lower the temperature variations inside the building.


In a nutshell, ACP panels are the future of construction materials with remarkable qualities out of the box. Better ventilation and structural strength are few benefits of ACP façade cladding out of the plethora of others. Considering they come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, which mimic wood, marble, and others, ACP panels glam up your buildings with a unique décor style.

So, if you plan to use ACP panels for your façade cladding and decoration, we suggest ordering up from a leading ACP panel manufacturer in IndiaEnquire further about Aluminium Composite Panels to know what other benefits they offer for your buildings.


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