Mirror Finish ACP Sheet

Mirror Series

Mirror Finish ACP Sheet

An aluminum composite panel, or “mirror” sheet, is a kind of building material consisting of two layers of aluminum sheets sandwiched around a non-aluminum core, typically composed of polyethylene. The term “Mirror ACP” refers to the reflective, mirror-like finish that can be achieved by the aluminum sheets on the exterior surfaces.

In general, ACP sheets are widely used in the construction sector for many purposes, including interior design, signage, building facades, and more. Modern and eye-catching buildings can be made with Mirror ACP sheets because of their reflective surface, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of architectural designs.

Mirror Series

Mirror Finish ACP Sheet


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Mirror Finish


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Mirror finish ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) refers to panels with a reflective or mirrored surface finish. These panels are commonly used in various architectural and design applications due to their aesthetic appeal and functional properties.


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