Dimensions & Product Tolerances

At Envitect, producing the best quality products in a way that helps proTECT the ENVIronment is our motto. To achieve that, we use cutting-edge machinery and technology to manufacture Aluminium Composite Panels with acute precision.

Product Tolerance & Dimension

Envitect manufactures Aluminium Composite Panels with standard dimensions & thicknesses with a minimal acceptable tolerance level. Please refer to the below tables for more information about dimensions and tolerance levels in ACP products.

ACP Panel Dimensions

Standard Dimensions

1220 MM X 2440 MM
1220 MM X 3050 MM
1220 MM X 3660 MM

Thickness: 1 MM to 5MM
Aluminum skin Thickness: Upto 0.5MM (Special thickness and size available on request)

Product Tolerances

Width: ±2.00 mm
Length: ±4.00 mm
Thickness: ±0.20 mm
Coil thickness: ± 0.02 mm
Bow: Maximum 0.5% of the length and/or width
Squareness: Maximum 5.0 mm
Color variations: ±∆5 from batch to batch
Surface defect: Surface shall not have any irregularities such as roughness, bucking and other o,perfections.

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