Cleaning Method

Cleaning & Maintaining ACP Panels

Make Regular cleaning a necessary part to keep your ACP sheets’ quality, color finish, & surface texture up top. PVDF coated Envitect Aluminium Composite Panels need to be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain the clean surface & prevent the coating from corrosion. Based on the exposure & level of pollutants, adopt a cleaning procedure for Envitect ACP Sheets.

Cleaning Process For ACP Sheets

Follow the simple yet effective cleaning process to keep your ACP sheets new & fresh:

Use Clean Water

To remove stains, dirt, and other pollutants, simply use clean water. Clean water is effective in removing accumulated dirt.

Use A Soft Cloth

Give a gentle wipe with a soft cloth using mild soap or clean water to remove the dirt on the flat surface. Clean with water again.

Use Isopropy

If the mild soap & clean water fail to clean the ACP, you can use an isopropyl solution to clean the panels carefully.

How Frequently Clean ACP Sheets?

Based on the environmental conditions & area of application, cleaning frequency can vary. But in general, clean ACP sheets once or twice per year for exterior surfaces. For interiors, cleaning depends on the actual conditions. Refer to the below table for more info:

Special Notes:

  • Do not wash aluminium composite panel when the temperature is higher than 40®C. If the water is volatilized quickly, it is harmful to PVDF paint of ACP sheet.
  • Kindly pay special attention that detergent should be neutral to clean panel. Please do not use strong alkali detergent such potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, strong acid detergent, abrasive detergent and paint resolvable detergent.
  • Before you wash large surface area, you had better do a test on a small piece to make sure it is safe.
  • Cleaning must be carried out from top to bottom followed by proper rinsing with water to ensure removal of cleansing agents.
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