Envitect ACP Sheets offer reliability and affordability to be used on almost all construction projects. They offer tons of applications to décor buidling exterior/interior surfaces, false ceilings, etc. Refer to the below list for more info or enquire us.

One’s personality is reflected in the décor used around spaces. And Aluminium Composite Panels – the modern age material has top-notch qualities that speak volumes about its distinct applications.

Applications List

Envitect ACP sheets have that robustness, ruggedness, and durability most industrial & commercial projects require.

Thanks to their longevity and versatility, ACP panels are ideal for exterior & interior surface cladding of educational institutes.

ACPs are sleek and attractive inherently making them a good match to improve the elevation of Shopping Malls.

ACP panels are sturdy, insulate sound & heat, and are lightweight making them perfect to use in Cinema Halls.

Other than being durable, ACP panels are cost-efficient & have low maintenance, which makes them ideal for hotels.

Another application of Aluminium Composite Panels have is to be used in Hospitals for partitions or wall cladding, false celling

With an attractive design that can give your Showrooms a glamourous look, ACP sheets are a great choice

Thanks to the affordability cost-effectiveness of ACP sheets, builders prefer them for Apartment construction

ACP sheets have a wide range of applications including shading and canopy for Gas-station and Petrol Pumps.

ACP panels can also be used in Bus Stands to create artificial shades, improve elevations, wall cladding, etc.

A solid, elegant, and modern-age material is most suitable to be used in Metro Stations to give it a more stylish look.

Airports are places where Aluminium Composite Panels come in handy to make them look stylish & appealing.

Being extremely weather-resistant, ACP sheets are a great material required to create Billboards & hoardings.

Same as Billboards, Aluminium Composite Panels pose as a great option to be used as Advertisement Boards

Being a robust & sturdy material, Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are perfect to be used as Name Plates.

ACP panels are the most preferred material for crafting modern-age furniture that’s both classy and appealing

Another great application of the ACP sheet is using it for façade elevation and making Entry Gates for all buildings

Thanks to their long-lasting & low heat transmission properties, ACP is an appropriate option to use as false ceiling

Envitect Aluminium Composite Panels allow you to utilize sufficient floor area when used to create partitions for offices.

One other use of the ACP sheet is to mold, bend, and turn it into making component parts for automotive vehicles.

ACP sheets are water, moisture, termite, dirt, and stain resistant making them easy to maintain when used for door installation.

ACP can withstand the changes in weather and survive high temperatures making them ideal for Sign Boards.

ACP panel’s lightweight & low maintenance properties make them a great alternative to craft exhibition stands

Provide your columns and beams with stylish look by covering & wrapping them using Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP sheets are also useful for enhancing the exterior and interior surfaces while renovating your buildings

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