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ACP sheets have revolutionized current architecture with their versatility, durability & aesthetic looks. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge solutions for various building requirements.

Our ACP sheets are made using high quality core aluminum material, generally made of polyethylene or mineral filled material, providing outstanding stability & rigidity while staying lightweight. This special design gives our panels a unique capacity to resist extreme climate conditions, UV radiation & corrosion, making them perfect for both interior & exterior applications.

One of the essential benefits of our ACP sheets fibs is their versatility. Whether it’s cladding for buildings, signage, interior sections or furniture, our panels deliver endless design options. With a comprehensive range of colours, finishes & textures available, architects & designers can express their creativity & turn their vision to life.
Also, our dedication to sustainability drives our manufacturing methods. We use ecofriendly methods & use recyclable materials wherever possible, providing that our products not only meet the highest quality criteria but also contribute to a greener environment.

At Envitect, we prioritize innovation & customer satisfaction. Our trustworthy team of professionals works closely with clients to understand their exact needs & provide tailored solutions that surpass expectations. With a reputation made on reliability, quality & innovation, we continue to lead the way in the ACP industry, shaping the skylines of tomorrow’s cities.

Product Categories

Envitect is the best manufacturer, supplier & distributor of superior quality Sheets like Aluminium Composite Sheets, HPL ACP Sheets, Aluminium Partition Panels & FR Grade ACP Sheets.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Sheets

Aluminium composite Sheets are made of 2 thin huge aluminium sheets that are connected to a centre of plastic polyethene. Together with the plastic core aluminium creates a sort of sandwich.

Aluminium HPL ACP Sheet

Aluminium HPL Sheets are the best alternative for wood & Marble being used for exteriors of the homes & commercial buildings.

Aluminium Partition

Aluminium Partition Panels are known for their qualities like lightweight, durability & versatility. They are generally used in commercial & residential building projects because they are easy to install & customizable to fit any design or style.

FR Grade ACP Sheets

FR Grade ACP Sheets as the name implies have the unique feature of resisting high temperatures. FR Grade ACP Sheets are the highest quality ACP with nearly 90% of inorganic mineral content.

ACP Sheet Solutions

Envitect always strives to reach greatness by delivering amazing ACP sheets that can be used for preparing multiple solutions as listed below.

Construction & Cladding

Envitect offers you the best quality ACP Sheets that are good for Construction & Cladding

Exterior & Interior

Envitect offers you the best quality ACP Sheets that can glam up your exterior as well as interior surfaces & make them more visually lavish.

Signage & Display

Envitect offers you the best quality ACP Sheets that resist extreme climate conditions, which makes them the excellent solution for signage & display applications.

ACP Sheet Applications

Envitect is the best Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India offering ACP panels with unique benefits & various applications.

ACP Sheet Facade

False Celling

ACP Interior


Sign Board

ACP Wall Cladding

ACP Sheets Design

When it comes to ACP sheet design, creativity meets durability. ACP sheets are an excellent canvas for developers & designers to turn their visions to life, delivering infinite options in both aesthetics & functionality. Whether for exterior cladding, interior decoration, signage, or furniture, ACP sheets provide a smart & stylish look while being lightweight & easy to install. With advancements in technology, customization possibilities are almost unlimited, qualifying for complex patterns, rich colours & even textured finishes. From improving the curb appeal of buildings to creating incredible interior areas, ACP sheet design is a universal solution that integrates style with practicality, making them a desired option in modern architectural & design projects.

ACP Panel Manufacturer & Supplier In India

Envitect was established in 2017–18, it has a network of ACP panel supply, dealing & manufacturing facilities extending out throughout India. Our infrastructure has helped us to prove ourselves as one of India’s best producers of ACP sheets is our greatest pride. With plans to expand into other states of India, we are now serving in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh.

Envitect & Export

Our ACP company Envitect is proud to offer excellent ACP Sheets that perfectly include durability & style. As the best supplier in the industry, we’re dedicated to providing a wide range of premium quality ACP that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our ACP Sheets are skillfully made with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing outstanding performance & durability. We constantly work to present new finishes & designs that improve any space’s aesthetic attraction with a strong focus on innovation. For commercial, industrial, or residential use, our ACP offers a strong & durable surface in complement to enhancing aesthetic look. To contribute to a greener environment, we use sustainable methods while maintaining strict quality criteria. Choosing our laminates will result in a perfect combination of form & function, transforming areas into classic examples of culture & elegance. We are India based Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer company exporting ACP to many countries in Africa & the Middle East.

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