How Technical Knowledge Can Aid Installation Of ACP Panels?

Aluminium Composite Panels or better known as ACP sheets are the new age construction material well known for its sturdy physical properties. They have numerous applications thanks to being convenient to install practically almost everywhere. Further, the high durability, rigidity, and versatility of ACP panels enable fabricators to easily clad them on any surface. Even though ACP panels are fabrication-friendly, easy to cut, bend, weld, and rivet, not knowing the correct installation process takes away the whole purpose. This is why we have come up with an expert guide to walk you through the ACP sheet Installation process and how having technical knowledge can aid in the process.

Installation Process Of ACP Panels

  • Measurement: Start by measuring the panels and note down if there are any variations in size. Accurate measurement is critical as it can impact other steps greatly.
  • Fabrication: Once measured, fabricators can start cutting, bending, folding or riveting panels in the required shape. Fasteners are required in this step.
  • Weather Barrier: Before starting panel installation, another aspect to take care of is creating a weather barrier on the application area to ensure panels do not leak any water and protect the structure.
  • Mounting System: Once that is taken care of, panels are installed in a straight line using a mounting system. The mounting system ensures panels are installed in a fixed order or in a particular shape.
  • Panel Installation: The last step is to install Aluminium Composite Panels in place and fix them with screws or other fixtures. Fill the gaps between ACP panels with matching strips or shims.

The installation process looks easy but it’s far from it in reality. Things like building elevation, wind conditions, and others must be kept in mind while installation. Also, prerequisites such as exceptional workmanship, equipment expertise, and strict deadlines are essential for the project’s success.

How Technical Knowledge Can Aid Installation Of ACP Panels?

For sustainable performance, ACP panels must be selected meticulously with respect to their thickness, shade, grade, and framework.
Measuring the size of the application area accurately aids in the selection of Aluminium Composite Panels with proper grade and thickness based on the project requirements.
For façade installation, it becomes important to measure the wind speed to determine the necessary panel thickness, for which technical knowledge is imperative.
Also, the technical knowledge comes in handy while tracking thermal movement for the building caused by variations in temperature. Such thermal movements can be prevented by weatherproofing the ACP panels while installation. If not done, the ACP panels will get loosened up and ruin the installation process.


The modern places adorned with modern materials like Aluminium Composite Panels upstyle your building’s aesthetics and define your taste. Envitect ACP panels are one such modern material you should choose to adorn your spaces with. The installation process of such panels has been made simple when combined with the necessary technical knowledge to choose the right kind of sheets with the right thickness and grade.

Envitect is a leading ACP panel manufacturer in India offering disparate Aluminium Composite Panels that perform promisingly well when installed in the correct order using recommended fabrication techniques. Enquire or contact us for further information and technical knowledge required for the ACP panel installation or purchase it in bulk.


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