Protective Film

Envitect – the reliable Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in India – leaves no stone unturned to provide ACP sheets that look elegant & stylish. And for that, we protect it with a Protective Film, so the surface of the actual sheet is not damaged during the installation. Once installation is complete, you can remove the film within 45 days. Here’re a few things to note:
  • Make sure no damage will occur to the panel following removal of protective film
  • Remove protective film within 45 days of installation to avoid glue residuals on panel surface due to weathering
  • Do not apply PVC tapes, polyurethane sealant or Silicone sealant onto Envitect protective film. The plasticizer contained in these materials can penetrate the protective film and cause a gloss change in the coating.
  • Do not apply spray paint or permanent marker to the film as the color may penetrate the film and affect the panel.
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Envitect Catalogues

Download the Envitect ACP panels and Aluminums Partition Panels catalogues to know more about the company and what products we offer.