ACP Solutions

Exterior & Interior

ACP panels are multipurpose material with so many features and advantages out-of-the-box. They offer high durability, weather resistance, heat insulation, & other such benefits making them an ideal alternative for interior & exterior surfaces.

Utilizing ACP sheets, especially for exterior façades can prolong the life of establishments as they have great wear/tear & heat insulation.

Envitect ACP sheets are also most suitable for building modular kitchen cabinets, false ceiling, bathroom ceiling & shower partition wall, or any place you could think of.

Construction & Cladding

Envitect offers the most modern ACP panels with consistent quality that can be utilized to craft numerous construction and cladding solutions. Large-scale commercial projects prefer ACP panels because they help preserve the aesthetic value even after decades of usage.

These panels are economically attractive because of their low maintenance costs & energy-efficient properties – a perfect combination for construction & cladding solutions.

Surface Cladding

Envitect Aluminium Composite Panels come in a vibrant range of colors and textures and offer exceptional corrosion resistance making them a fantastic choice for surface cladding solutions.

Wall Paneling

ACP sheets offer excellent thermal insulation properties, which is why most construction builders choose ACP over others for wall paneling requirements.


Building’s modern and stylish canopy cladding with lightweight, moisture and water-resistant Envitect Aluminium Composite Panels is another great construction solution.

Signage & Display

ACP sheets are durable and long-lasting in nature, which is why they are the most favorable material to create signage, billboards, and hoarding display solutions. Another wonderful property of ACP that makes it the top choice of users for signage & display is it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

ACP panels allows you to showcase your creative side by cutting or bending it in any shape and size.

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Envitect Catalogues

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