Aluminium HPL Panels (A-HPL)


Envitect ACP HPL sheet is a unique blend of properties of high-pressure laminate into Aluminium Composite Panels to offer even more strength and durability to buildings.

Envitect ACP HPL Panels

Being a leading ACP Sheet Manufacturer In India, Envitect constantly strives to bring innovation through its eco-friendly product lineup. One such innovation is incorporating all the properties of the HPL sheet into the Aluminium Composite Panels.

Envitect ACP HPL panels are not manufactured using paper and raisins – material used in HPL sheets – but they are Aluminium-based panels manufactured using hard density materials. Such materials provide ACP HPL panels with additional strength, durability, and sturdy physical properties than normal ACP or HPL panels.

Properties Of ACP HPL Sheets

ACP HPL sheet exerts all the properties same as the high-pressure laminates, which aids in its durability, lifespan, and power to handle high pressure such as winds, dead load, etc. Here is the list of HPL sheet properties Envitect ACP HPL sheets offer:


High Durability


High Pressure Absorption

Impact Resistant

Impact Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Scratch, Wear, & Tear Resistance


Abrasion Resistance

Heat Resistant

Dry Heat Resistance


Anti-Bacterial & Fungus-Proof

Weather Proof

Moisture and Weather-Resistance

UV Resistant

UV Resistance

Easy To Clean

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Long Lasting


Light Weight

Light Weight

Why Choose HPL ACP Over Other Surfacing Material?

The material you select for decorating your spaces and building reflects your personality. Envitect HPL ACP sheets have been proven to be the engineer’s muse because of their extensive use cases. They are the go-to material for cladding building surfaces and façade installation. They offer high durability, hassle-free installation, low maintenance, wonderful aesthetics, easy workability, and other such benefits over other surfacing materials. Here’s a detailed feature differentiation of HPL ACP with other material types

Usage Of ACP HPL Sheets

The effective handling of high pressures makes ACP HPL panels highly durable and versatile material. The ACP panels are usually 3-4 mm thick while ACP HPL panels are 6mm thick. Thus, they are more likely suitable to use in industries, cladding high-rise buildings, hospitals, and many other places where high-pressurized materials are required.

Here’s The List Of Various Places Where ACP HPL Sheets Can Be Used:

Benefits Of Using Envitect ACP HPL Sheets

Envitect ACP HPL panels make the surroundings more vibrant and lively with their elegant designs and bright textures. Here are some more benefits Envitect ACP HPL offer:

High Durability

Manufactured using Aluminium metal sheets, ACP HPL panels are highly durable and last even longer up to 1.5 times than the normal paper-based HPL sheets.

Easy Maintenance

The best thing about ACP HPL panels is they are easy to maintain and don’t need frequent cleaning. Just a wipe from a clean cloth twice a year, that’s all it needs.

Water & Moisture-Resistance

ACP HPL sheets from Envitect are highly resistant to water and moisture, making them suitable for most kinds of outdoor/exposed surfaces.

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

Another great benefit of Envitect ACP HPL panels is they do not allow bacterial or fungus to grow on their surfaces, enabling a safer environment around children.


ACP HPL panels are one of the most economical and cost-effective HPL sheets available in the market today.

High Impact Resistance

The traditional HPL panels are brittle and break off easily when bent, but not the ACP HPL panels. They have high impact and abrasion resistance, which allows them to survive in high-pressurized environments.

Insulation to Building

The Aluminium-based HPL panels offer to insulate buildings from harsh weather, high temperature, heavy rain, sound pollution, etc. They are mostly used as ventilated insulation to keep building interiors cool. Rich Aesthetics: Envitect offers a wide spectrum of HPL ACP panels in brilliant colors, textures, and finishes that enhance the aesthetics and spellbound the viewers.

Aluminium HPL Panels Price

Envitect, which was founded in 2017–18, has a network of ACP panel supply, marketing, and manufacturing facilities spread out throughout India. Our infrastructure, which has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of India’s top producers of ACP sheets, is our greatest asset. With plans to expand into other parts of India, we are currently operating in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.

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