What Is Price Of ACP Sheet? Factors Impacting The ACP Sheet Prices

Ever wondered how ACP sheet prices are determined? Generally, many factors contribute to deciding the Aluminium Composite Panel prices. However, there are two ways to categorize the ACP sheet i.e., PVDF or fluorocarbon ACPs and PE or polyester ACPs.

The PVDF Aluminium Composite Panels have higher durability and last more than 15-20 years. These sheets are mostly used in outer wall decoration and façade cladding. Since they are weather-resistant, PVDF ACP sheets are generally pricier. The PE or Polyester ACP sheets are mostly used in inner décor applications and are not that expensive. Let’s see how ACP sheet prices are determined.

Factors Impacting The ACP Sheet Prices

Here are few factors that impact the ACP sheet prices:

Raw Material And Thickness Required

The core ingredient of ACP panels is Aluminium and polyethylene plastic. The two thin Aluminium sheets are sandwiched together with polyethylene to form a single sheet of ACP panel. The prices of ACP sheets vary based on the thickness of the Aluminium sheets required. The greater the thickness, the higher the prices. ACP sheet prices also fluctuate based on the quality of the raw materials such as adhesive, primer, etc.

Surface Coating & Color

Another factor that impacts the ACP sheet prices is the surface treatment of Aluminium Composite Panels. Different surface coats such as protective film, PVDF fluorocarbon, roller coating, etc. contribute to determining the prices. The better surface treatment results in a more expensive ACP sheet. However, the quality of the sheet also significantly improves with it.

Further, the color variation also impacts the ACP sheet prices. Aluminium Composite Panels with glossy color finish are costlier than the matt finish ones. ACP sheets’ distinct color coats have different prices.

Construction ACP Panels

Most ACP panels used in construction are PVDF or fluorocarbon one. Generally, they are used for façade decoration or creating curtain walls. Since most of the time these panels will be exposed to weather, they are manufactured in a way to last long and stay durable over a couple of decades. Also, high-quality colors are used so the sheets can maintain their finish and texture even after 15 years. All these contribute to the higher prices of ACP panels.

Marketing Expenses

Among others, marketing expenses are also covered in ACP sheet prices. The more budget ACP panel manufacturers in India have the more costly the ACP sheets get. However, with grand marketing efforts, manufacturers can expect a high number of bulk orders, which may reduce the prices of ACP sheets.


So, these were some of the factors that impact the prices of ACP sheets. Fluctuation in any of the above-mentioned independent factors can have a frequent and drastic rise in the prices of Aluminium Composite Panels. Among all, the raw materials to produce ACP sheets govern a significant part of the prices.


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