HPL Boards VS HPL ACP Sheets: Which One To Choose For Cladding Your Building?

HPL Boards VS HPL ACP Sheets

Recent innovations in construction materials have put pressure on the architects and contractors to choose from regular HPL boards vs HPL ACP sheets. HPL boards are made of paper and resins whereas HPL ACPs are Aluminium-based high-pressure laminates.

When it comes to choosing the right material for cladding building surfaces, it’s no easy task but not as difficult as rocket science. That’s why the team at Envitect has brought an insightful article to clear up your head and choose the best material for cladding your buildings.

Raw Material Used

As mentioned earlier, normal HPL boards consist of 60-70% paper and the rest is thermosetting resins that give HPL boards strength to bear high pressure. HPL ACP sheets, on the other hand, are manufactured using Aluminium Alloy and LDPE material which provides panels with sturdy physical properties such as durability, high strength, impact resistance, wear & tear resistance, and many others to last long.

Flexibility And Reusability

HPL ACP sheets are more flexible than normal HPL boards in terms of formability. Normal HPL boards are brittle and break off easily when bent, curved, molded into the desired shape. HPL ACPs are highly formable and do not easily break when bent, curved, or molded into the desired shape.

Further, HPL ACPs are fully recyclable and reusable even after installation. Whereas the paper-based HPL boards are not made from recyclable material and are hard to reuse for other purposes once installed.

Quality Of Panel/Boards

Normal HPL boards can bear high pressure but are poor in quality when it comes to impact resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Also, they are weak against wear, heat, stains, steam, bacteria & fungus growth, which worsen their quality further.

Envitect ACP HPL panels not only have high-pressure absorption but also have superior scratch, impact, wear and tear, stains, heat, and moisture resistance. Further, they also prevent any bacterial and fungus growth on their surface, making them an ideal material for cladding building surfaces.

Installation & Maintenance

The installation process for both is somewhat similar in some respects and requires attention to detail. However, HPL ACP sheets are quite easy to maintain compared to HPL boards. They just need a wipe from a clean cloth or rinse with water to get the dirt off once a year to keep them clean and healthy.


Normal High-Pressure Laminate boards last around 1 to 1.5 decades while Aluminium-Based HPL sheets last over 2 decades. However, the lifespan of any sheet largely depends on the area of application. But since ACP HPL sheets are highly durable, their adoption for cladding commercial buildings is increasing day by day for which their longevity is solely responsible.


Since the HPL ACP sheets offer better quality, additional strength, durability, and many other great advantages, it does not make sense to go for non-flexible, low-quality HPL boards. Crafted with innovation and technologically advanced, Envitect presents ACP HPL sheets available in a wide spectrum of finishes and colors. They are formable and don’t break off that easy thanks to the Aluminium coil on top and bottom.

Further, they are highly affordable and prevent any bacteria or fungal growth and also protect buildings from harmful UV rays, making ACP HPL sheets a better alternative to regular HPL boards.


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