Top Reasons To Use Aluminum Composite Panels For Facade

Aluminum Composite Panels For Facade

Madhya Pradesh is known as the ‘heart of India’; located in central India is one of the most beautiful states and also the beneficiary of mega infrastructure projects with both North-South and East-West corridors crossing the State.

MP is known for its development in infrastructure and industrial growth.

There are more than 3.68 billion USD construction projects under development and approval in Madhya Pradesh only.

The above states and MP’s geography shows that the construction business and people are finding many big business opportunities.

As we are talking about the architectural and construction business in MP, ACP sheets are imperative materials used in modern-age architecture and construction.

Aluminum Composite panels aka ACP Sheets or sandwich panels are dominating the façade market globally.

The demand for ACP Sheets comes with many questions for architects and construction businessmen. The most common question is who is the best-trusted ACP sheets dealer in MP?

Before we jump into the blog topic, i.e Why Envitect is the Best ACP Sheet Suppliers in Madhya Pradesh (M.P). Let’s Checkout some of the most common questions people have in their mind when they look for Aluminum composite panels in Madhya Pradesh and nearby

Reasons, Why ACP Sheets Are Best For Façade Cladding?

  • More Durable

Aluminum composite sheets are pretty simple to construct in forms that are difficult to achieve, along with the façade material for that particular design. ACP will help you create both an attractive and functional look.

The building material you will get there is more substantial and long-lasting, which means it will be durable. When you use it at your home, then that will be so much better because these are soundproof and stain-resistant. When you get the best quality ACP sheet, that will retain its size, shape, and color even if it is exposed to weather changes and sunlight for all the seasons.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining the ACP sheet is almost negligible. Yeah! Isn’t that amazing? If you compare, ACP sheets’ maintenance is less than steel, wood, or concrete. Besides being available at a low cost, it is also hassle-free for you to maintain.

You do not have to clean it very often, and the cleaning process is straightforward. You need to wipe it with a clean cloth to remove all the dust or dirt particles from the surface.

  • Affordable

As compared o steel, wood, or concrete wall, the expense, and labor for maintaining the ACP cladding system is almost non-existent. ACP sheets need to be cleaned 0.5 times every year, but only if your business is located in a rural area, and in an urban area, you need to clean it once a year.

It does not require much cleaning as you can use water and rinse it with moderate pressure. If you want, then you can even use other cleaning solutions too. These panels are lightweight and require a low cost of material and labor.

  • Fire Resistance

The best thing about ACP sheets is that they are also fire retardant. But you must choose the leading manufacturer to buy the ACP sheet to get the best quality product. Make sure you have chosen the certified manufacturers.

It does not lead to a flashover. Zero flaming droplets produce little smoke and will not let fire spread even more.

  • Wide Range Of Colors, Sizes, And Shapes

Aluminum Composite Panel is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors that make the ideal cladding material. You can do shearing, bending, drilling, profiling, and punching, which is only possible with aluminum composite panels. You can get it trimmed with the demand of the users when it comes in various sizes and forms.

These sheets are available in various colors that will suit your project. You can consider your house and design then; that will help you design the building in a better way that will look much more beautiful.

  • Incredibly Light

You know what? The best part about the Aluminum Composite Panels is their lightweight material, making them ideal for use. Everyone knows aluminum is lighter than steel, making it the best option for users.

People use the ACP because it will make things lightweight, making it easy for laborers to use in their homes. The person can also use it effectively, and you can utilize it the way you want to.

  • Highly Functional

Several manufacturers offer you a wide range of ACP panels, and many offer several unique features. The features include- thermal, anti-bacterial, fire protection, wind insulation, and fire protection.

Some features will help you reduce energy costs, and others are simple cleaning, anti-graffiti, corrosion resistance, and the ability to recycle. It will even help you give a unique and special coat and perform different functions.

  • Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum composite panels are pre-treated, giving you a protective coating that will keep you from corroding. ACP panels are corrosion resistant even if it is not covered. Do you know why it is so? When you keep aluminum in the air outside, that will form a thin coating of the aluminum oxide that will protect the aluminum façade from corrosion.

If you keep the structure in a harsh environment, then that will apply a special coat, and it will even perform specific maintenance that will safeguard your ACP. When there is no corrosion, it will make your house look better.

  • The Final Words

So, you have come across several reasons why you should choose the ACPs and why more builders and architects use them worldwide. Make sure you purchase a high-quality Aluminum Composite Panels sheet that will offer you a 100% quality guarantee.

These ACPs can be used for different purposes as it is corrosion free, fire resistant, lightweight, and offer several more features. It is pretty simple for the person to maintain and clean.

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