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With a constant focus on quality and innovation, Envitect is currently Telangana’s leading supplier of aluminum composite panels (ACPs), revolutionizing the industry. Envitect is dedicated to offering the highest quality ACPs, promising outstanding performance, tolerance to weather, and durability. Envitect is an outstanding example of creativity, offering ACPs an extensive range of creative patterns and finishes. Envitect is a Gujarat, India based company that is dedicated to providing architects and builders with outstanding support for building structures that combine modern and traditional design elements.

About Us

What You Imagine, Our ACP Creates

Due to Envitect’s commitment to design excellence, customers can choose panels that not only meet their functional requirements but also improve the projects’ visual impact.Envitect values safety above all else. Because the company manufactures ACPs that adhere to the highest safety standards, customers in Telangana can feel confident in the dependability and security of their installations. The business offers customized services, ensures on-time delivery, and maintains attentive customer support. The awards and certifications that Envitect received prove its unwavering commitment to excellence.Telangana’s leading manufacturer of aluminum composite panels, Envitect stands out for its dedication to quality, safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Envitect Supplies ACP in Hyderabad, Warangal, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Ramagundam, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Adilabad, Suryapet, Khammam.

ACP Application

Because of their lightweight, durability, and aesthetic appeal, aluminum composite panels (ACP) are a versatile material that find applications in a wide range of industries.

ACP Sheet Facade
ACP panel are ideal choice for interior & exterior facades.

Water & moisture proof property of ACP makes it ideal for Canopy.

False Celling
Our ACP sheets are lightweight & perfect for false ceiling usage.
Sign Board
Durability in extreme weather makes ACP perfect for signboards.
ACP Interior

We offer various colors & textures in ACP to glam up your interiors.

ACP Wall Cladding

ACP sheets offer super flexibility to bend, fold & turn for wall cladding.

Product Categories

Envitect, with its superior quality, robustness, and unique appearance, is a trademark for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards. The exterior material stands out for having outstanding product qualities, such as precise appearance, a variety of colors and surfaces, and good bending ability.
Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Sheets

Aluminium Composite Panel is a new-age building surfacing material that offers a wide range of features, advantages & applications.


Envitect ACP HPL sheet is a unique blend of properties of high-pressure laminate into Aluminium Composite Panels to offer even more strength and durability to buildings.

Aluminium Partition Panel

Envitect offers premium quality Aluminium Partition Panel that enables you to design & optimize your office spaces as per your bespoke needs.

FR Grade ACP Sheets

Envitect FR Grade ACP panels provide fire protection for structures. FR grade ACP's core material is designed to prevent the spread of fire and resist combustion.

What we do

ACP Sheet Solutions

Envitect always aims to achieve excellence by offering wonderful ACP panel that can be utilized for crafting numerous solutions as listed below.

Construction & Cladding

Envitect offers you robust ACP sheet of consistent quality that can preserve the aesthetic value of the property even after decades.

Exterior & Interior

Among other applications, Envitect ACP panel can glam up your exterior as well as interior surfaces & make them more visually elegant.

Signage & Display

ACP sheet can withstand extreme weather conditions, which makes them the perfect solution for signage & display application.

ACP Features

Aluminium Composite Panel is a new-age building surfacing material that offers a wide range of features.Here are some key features of Envitect Aluminum Composite Panel.
CNC Cutting Compatible
Weather Proof
Easy To Clean
Heat Resistant
90 Degree Bendable
Impact Resistant
UV Resistant
Light Weight
Sound Resistant
Perfectly Even Surface
Long Lasting
Environment Friendly
Easy To Install
Terimite Free
Solvenent Resistance
PVDF Coating
Scratch Resistance
No Colour Fastness

ACP Texture And shade

Envitect is The Top Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer In India offering ACP panel with distinctive advantage & various applications. Look for yourself.Envitect is the top Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India offering ACP panel with distinctive advantage & various applications. Look for yourself.

Envitect is the top Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India offering ACP panel with distinctive advantage & various applications. Look for yourself.

Technical Specifications

ACP sheets consists of two Aluminium cover sheets at the top & bottom with a mineral-filled polymer core sandwiched in between. IT Contains different sizes and Tolerances. Here are some Dimensions.

Product Dimensions

Standard Dimensions
1220 MM × 2440 MM
1220 MM × 3050 MM
1220 MM × 3660 MM
Thickness :
2 MM To 6 MM
Aluminum Skin Thickness :
up to 0.5 MM (Special thickness and size available on request)

Product Tolerances

  • Width :                        ± 2.00 mm
  • Length:                      ± 4.00 mm
  • Thickness:               ± 0.20 mm
  • Coil Thickness:     ± 0.02 mm
  • Bow Squareness : Max 0.5 % of the length and / or width maximum 5.00 mm
  • Color Variations : ±⌂5 from batch to batch
  • Surface defect : Surface shall not have any irregularities such as        roughness , bucking and other imperfections
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    Envitect Catalogues

    Download the Envitect ACP panels and Aluminums Partition Panels catalogues to know more about the company and what products we offer.