Unique Applications Of Sparkle & Brush Finish ACP Panels

Applications Of Sparkle & Brush Finish ACP Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels with Sparkle and Brush texture have high demand in the market thanks to their unique appeal and visual aesthetics. These ACP sheets have some striking characteristics, which makes them the primary choice of most architects and interior designers.

Being the leading ACP panel manufacturer in India, Envitect offers a diverse range of multi-purpose ACP sheets including sparkle and brush finish. Their unique texture helps in the creation of state-of-the-art facilities and structures to light them up in their full glory. If you are one finding some unique applications to utilize the sparkle finish and brush finish ACPs, look no further. Here are some:

For Front Elevation

One of the popular trends is to use ACP sheets for the front elevation. Most architects and homeowners have favored sparkling or high gloss effect and even the brush finish that imparts creativity and material design. Outdoor appearance matters a lot and using sparkle or brush finish ACPs give your front a modern and stylish look and also establish a theme for your interiors.

Using standard colors and textures fails to impress viewers, thus, one should go for these charming textures that build a positive aura.

Home Decorative Material

ACP sheet is not just a construction material anymore to use only for wall paneling and surface cladding. It has become much more than that thanks to constant innovation and new textures like sparkle finish and brush finish. They have widely been used for interior design applications.

ACP panels are used not only for home interiors, furniture, kitchen cabinets, false ceiling but also for bathroom interiors, wardrobes, trolleys, etc. And using sparkle and brush finish ACPs add charm to your interior décor application.

Public Building Interiors

ACP panel applications are not limited to only modernizing the home interiors and front elevations. They can be utilized for showroom interiors, logo & name creation, exhibition stands, decoration for hotels shopping malls, education institutes, hospitals, Bus/Metro/Gas stations, airports, cinema halls, and many other public buildings.

The attractive and glamourous looks of sparkle and brush finish are perfect for enhancing the elegance of all these public buildings and fascinate the viewers too.

Office Partitions & Doors

Oftentimes, owners neglect the importance of office aesthetics and work ambiance for the productivity of their staff. The material used for creating office partitions and other décor plays a vital role. Sparkle finish and brush finish ACP panels do not only allow you to utilize the office space sufficiently, but also provide staff with a refreshing work environment to lighten the mood.

Also, many enthusiasts use sparkle finish and brush finish ACP sheets for creating attractive door designs for their offices, homes, or any other building.

Wrap Up

These were some of the unique applications where sparkle finish and brush finish ACP sheets fit very well thanks to their natural visual appeal and aesthetics. Since they are lightweight, it is simple and easy to mount and install ACP panels anywhere possible. They are undoubtedly the best material to revamp not home but any public building, front elevations as well as offices too.

Envitect is a renowned Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer offering a spectrum of high-quality ACP sheets including a variety of Sparkle Finish and Brush Finish ACP panels. Contact us for more details about our ACP panels or enquire to customize the ACP panels to suit your needs.


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