Why HPL ACP Panels Are The Best Alternative For Cladding?

High-Pressure Laminates or better known as HPL have evolved from traditional boards to innovative and durable panels made using Aluminium alloy. Already ACP panels are the most sought-after material for cladding building interior and exterior surfaces. And the combination of ACP with HPL takes it to a whole new level to make HPL ACP panels the best alternative for cladding requirements.

HPL ACP panels offer superior strength, durability, flexibility, reusability, and many more such great benefits. All such properties make them an ideal option for many commercial as well as residential projects. Let’s explore some more USPs of HPL ACP panels that make it the best alternative for cladding.

High Durability & Impact Resistance

HPL Aluminium Composite Panels have high durability than traditional high-pressure laminate boards or even ACP sheets. Also, HPL ACP sheets are renowned for their high impact resistance, which makes them the most suitable material for cladding exterior building surfaces. They not only protect structures from harsh weather but can also bear high wind pressure.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

HPL ACP panel surfaces exert a great resistance to dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other external pollutants. The anti-bacterial feature in HPL ACP panels is one of the most admired ones. Also, maintaining and keeping HPL ACP panels clean is a hassle-free process. It only requires cleaning with water and wiping with a clean cloth or sponge once or twice a year. This hassle-free maintenance makes HPL ACP the best choice for cladding.

Great Safety Features

Since the HPL ACP sheets are 6mm thick and are manufactured using Aluminium panels, they have heightened safety measures than regular HPL boards. Thanks to the metal part in HPL ACP instead of paper and raisins, they are slow combustible and take time to catch fire. This enables them to restrict fire from spreading rapidly.

Also, they give additional time for people to evacuate the place immediately before the fire turns into any kind of disaster. Further, HPL ACP panels don’t produce any harmful gas or fumes that impact human health or the environment.


HPL ACP panels are one of the most economical and cost-affordable high-pressure laminates. They fit perfectly well into your budget for cladding building interior and exterior surfaces. In addition to being durable and low maintenance, they come at a lower rate which makes them one of the economical materials available in the market. Also, they offer thermal and heat insulation that aids further in saving energy and money.


So, all these great benefits and positives of using HPL ACP panels make them the best and ideal alternative for cladding. Envitect is one of the renowned ACP panel manufacturers in India that offers cost-effective, high strength, and durable HPL ACP panels. We also offer customized ACP panels as per your requirements and special needs. Contact us or enquire about our product further and order your lot in one go.


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