Why Wooden ACP Sheets Cladding Is The Preferred Choice Over Timber Cladding?

A Cladding means something that covers or overlays.

In building construction cladding material is applied to the exterior of buildings to provide a layer that is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance and to improve the appearance of buildings.

A beautiful cladding would grab everyone’s attention. Cladding can be made of any of a wide range of materials including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that can include aluminum, wood, blends of cement, and recycled polystyrene.

Choosing the best cladding material that not just beautifies the exterior but improves the thermal and weather resistance cost-effectively was a difficult task for architects before the introduction of aluminum composite panel sheets.

Aluminum composite panel sheets or ACP Sheets come with a variety of materials and environment-friendly compositions. Wooden ACP sheets are a trending material used in building cladding or façade.

When we talk about timber cladding, people still use timber for new construction or building restoration. The reason behind people going for Timber is that it comes with significant benefits.

Some Of The Significant Benefits Of Timber Cladding Are:

  • They help in regulating the building temperature
  • They resist temperature and noise and help in insulating both.
  • Aesthetically rich and impressive outlook
Before we talk about wooden ACP sheets over timber cladding let’s check out some of the disadvantages of timber cladding to make it more appealing to choose ACP sheet cladding over any others.
  • Timber is prone to pests, fungus and termites. You need to take extra care if they want to catch pests or fungi.
  • Weight of timber also create concerns when going for cladding in big tower buildings
  • They are difficult to install
  • They require more Maintainance than wooden ACPs and that makes them costly-affair for anyone going for timber over wooden ACP sheets.
  • Prone to breakages if not installed properly
As we are discussing Wooden ACP sheets over timber, it is imperative to discuss why it is the best choice for any modern building façade or home cladding.

Why Wooden ACP Sheets Over Timber As Cladding Material?

  • Wide Variety Of Colors And Designs Over Timber:

    When choosing the Envitect ACP sheets you would have more choices for colors, textures, and designs compared to timber or any other ACP sheet suppliers in India. In comparison to timber cladding, wooden ACP sheets are the top choice as they can add more feathers to your building.

  • Lightweight And Easy Installations :

    Wooden ACP sheets are lightweight in comparison to conventional timbers which are heavy and difficult to install. As said earlier ACP sheet installation is an easy and fast process. So it not just saves your money, but also time and energy as well.

  • Weather, Fungal, And Pest Resistance :

    Building cladding affects the most when the weather changes. From extreme hot summers to rainy monsoons and storms they are the first to experience sudden weather changes and their effects.

    When choosing timber cladding the most stressful factor is to have fungal, and pest problems in timber.

    Having ACP Sheets as cladding material helps a lot in weather, fungal, and pest resistance. The Envitect Wooden ACP sheets are natural-looking yet, powerful weather and pest-resistance materials that can help you keep relaxed and enjoy the weather changes.

  • Flame- Retardant:

    Envitect FR Grade ACP sheets come with a mineral core that lessens the intensity and fire spread. Our ACP Sheets are made by considering real-life scenarios for modern houses and building construction. It is imperative to use fire resistance material when building a new house or building restoration in this digital world.

  • Cost-Effective And Low Maintenance:

    ACP sheets are a synonym for a cost-effective material in the construction industry. Although Aluminum composite panels come in different varieties and the best suitable materials, they don’t carry pocket heaviness with them. Wooden ACPs are cost-effective in price and also have very less maintenance cost to bear in comparison to other cladding materials.

    We are sure that we have listed enough reasons for you to that helps in going for ACP Sheet installation over timber cladding.

    Envitect, being a top-rated ACP Sheet manufacturer and having PAN India distributorship we assure you of your decision for choosing Wooden ACP sheets the timber cladding.

    Our high-quality products and customer services helped us become Best ACP Sheet Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

    What are your thoughts? We are happy to hear from you. And Also we would love to help you choose the best ACP sheets that not just suit your building but also entice the visitors.


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